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CMAG // Chelated Calcium & Magnesium


CMAG is a liquid secondary nutrient fertilizer that delivers a unique formulation of chelated magnesium and calcium.

  • Low Salt Index Formulation
  • Ideal for hydroponic, soil-less and soil grows
  • Product is buffered to a pH of 7
  • Cost effective calcium and magnesium source.
  • Will not lock out phosphorus.
  • CMAG Nitrogen free formulation gives the grower more control over when and how much nitrogen is applied at critical stages of plant development.
  • In hydroponic grows, CMAG should be applied weekly in reverse osmosis, or deionized/distilled water systems.
  • CMAG can be applied as a supplement on an as needed basis to correct common deficiencies.
  • In soil or container grows, CMAG can be used as a soil drench to raise soil calcium and magnesium levels.
  • CMAG chelated calcium and magnesium means more of the supplied nutrients make it to the plant.

Hydroponic Systems – 5 mL per gallon at start of the vegetative growth cycle. 1 mL/gallon will supply 50ppm.

Soil Drench: 5 mL per gallon and poured at the base of the plant during the late stages of vegetative growth.

Foliar Spray: 5 mL per gallon and sprayed on foliage to runoff.

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CMAG is a unique, nitrogen-free formulation of calcium and magnesium.

CMAG utilizes Magnesium EDTA & Calcium Glucoheptonate chelates to insure the preservation of phosphorus.

These chelates will prevent nutrient lockout of other micronutrients and phosphorus.

CMAG will compensate for deionized water, distilled water, and reverse osmosis water used in grow systems.

CMAG prevents dry and withered flower sets.

CMAG will help prevent chlorotic, stunted leaf growth and development.