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BLOOM // Potassium Phosphate


BLOOM is a liquid fertilizer that delivers massive amounts of potassium and phosphorous.

  • Low Salt Index Formulation
  • Ideal for hydroponic, soil-less and soil grows
  • Product is buffered to a pH of 7
  • Cost effective P & K source
  • In hydroponic grows, BLOOM should be applied at bud set for 2 weeks at the start of the 12 hour photoperiod
  • In soil or container grows, BLOOM can be used as a soil drench to raise soil phosphorous & potassium levels

Hydroponic Systems – 1 mL per gallon at start of 12 hour photoperiod for 2 weeks. 1 mL/gallon will supply 400ppm.
Use 1 mL per gallon during Veg if combined with a nitrogen source like CNOS, NFAST or KICK.

Soil Drench: 3 mL per gallon and poured at the base of the plant during the late stages of vegetative growth.

Foliar Spray: 3 mL per gallon and sprayed on foliage to runoff.

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Potassium phosphate is an easy way to supply phosphorus and potassium to your plants.

Our BLOOM formula is a pH buffered combination of mono and di-potassium phosphate.

BLOOM delivers ample phosphorus and potassium without nitrogen.

BLOOM applied at bud set will help improve root structure, increase sugars, increase bud sites, bloom production, and flowering.

WHERE TO USE: BLOOM works well for hydroponic grows, soil, and soil-less medias.

1mL/Gallon rate : 400ppm TDS: .84 EC